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Are You A Bridge Addict?


The Game Of Bridge

If you are a bridge player you are well aware of a crazy dilemma you face. You are so besotted with this game that you are frequently guilty of all sorts of peculiar actions that only bridge players would understand.

However, the most challenging thing is to be successful in describing to someone who doesn't play bridge either what the game is really all about or else why in the world you devote so much time, energy and passion to it.


If you are going to be comfortable with being an addict you will probably examine why and how you got hooked.

There are several basic ways of beginning a bridge addiction. One scenario is you find yourself accidentally sitting in for a fourth person who didn't show up and fumble your way through with instructions, often contradictory, from the other three. Another is that you know someone whom you like who is already addicted and succumb to their pressure to go take lessons and begin your career accordingly.

Another is to grow up in a household where your parents play bridge. This will either attract you and encourage you to observe what they do at the table and eventually begin trying it out yourself or it will put you off the game forever because you feel that a happy marriage is far more exciting and desirable than one where the parents play bridge as partners and regularly threaten all sorts of catastrophic punishments of each other based on the playing of a particular card at a particular time in a particular game which resulted in disaster and humiliation in front of the two opponents.

If You Succumb

If you for whatever reason find playing bridge an attractive pursuit then hopefully you will go take lessons from a good teacher and go with a friend whom you intend to play with as your partner.

The things that are such fun about bridge quickly become apparent.

First of all you will actually play bridge at the first lesson and get a taste of the extreme joy that is going to be yours.

You will also discover that you will be able to play bridge forever no matter how well you do or don't play the game. There will always be a way to find people of your caliber to play with and enjoy the game. It can be at a bridge club or it can be at home in front of the fire.


If you want to have a wonderful element added to your life and a new addiction to feed I strongly suggest you begin playing bridge today. It is truly one of the most rewarding and long lasting pleasures you will ever have.

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