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Become Accustomed to the Difference between 3G and 4G


In the mobile communication industry, 3G, an acronym for ‘Third Generation’ is a term used to represent the third generation mobile communication technology particularly targeting the mobile data communication. Although, 3G used to be the most widely used and popular connecting mode worldwide, the mobile phone users are attracted towards the `Fourth Generation’ network in the recent past. While the applications of 3G were mobile internet, video calls, mobile television, etc. the4G technology intends on introducing high definition television, mobile video conferencing, three dimensional television, etc. Although popular, most of the consumers are not accustom to the difference between 3G and 4G communication technologies. 3G and 4G technologiesclassify different classes of wireless networks into specific standards and references.

With the influx of mobile phones, the standards specified for the third and the fourth generation network have tailored mobile phone capabilities of subscribers for next generation wireless networks. The third generationnetwork aims at providing premium and fast data transfer rate for different applications. On the other hand, the 4G technology is considered as the most talked-about wireless communication technology for its high data transfer rates: 100Mbps even in high mobility communication such as in moving vehicles and 1Gbps in still or low mobility environment.

What is the Biggest Difference Between i5 and i7?

Since its introduction at the beginning of September 2009, Core i5 has been labeled as the mainstream translation of Core i7. Core i5 and Core i7 are both latest and top-notch processors released by Intel, but currently Intel has owned the market of high-end processors with its superb Core i7 processors. Alternatively, i5 is also here to fill in the gap with its latest release of new architecture known as Sandy Bridge. In Sandy Bridge, Intel has come up with some tailored and improved performance in contrast toits previous launches of core-i processors. Almost every recent release is incorporated with these new and enhanced features, so it became quite intricate for users to stumble on the difference between i5 and i7.

The Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6

Today, “Internet Protocol Version 4” is defined in its standard across the globe, but recently, it was replaced by more advanced and improved ‘version 6’ that assists you solvethe exhaustion problem of IP addresses. IPv4 makes use of 32bits for defining each address that can be accounted for roughly about 4 billion addresses. In comparison, IPv6 uses 128bits for defining each address and,therefore, supporting quite a large number of IP addresses. Utility is probably the major difference between IPv4 and IPv6 that you can encounter when acclimatizing to the details of internet protocols.

About the author:

The author Roshan Gabriel Ragel is a Senior Lecturer who holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from University of New South Wales. He is a professional member of IEEE (USA), IEEE-CS (USA), IET (UK), and ACM (USA). His research interests include Micro-architectural Aspects of Embedded Systems Design & Security. He is also a Consultant and Contributing Editor of DifferenceBetween.COM in Information Technology.

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